Sunday, January 29, 2006


After watching movies as rang de basanti, there is a definite surge in the minds of many people; to do something, extraordinary.
But I ask, what if I want to do something? I do want to, but I am just not able to.
Whenever a movie portraying all those patriots is released, I have a feeling of guilt. I put myself in a predicament which I do not know how to get out of. I know that in five years, I will be in the US and paying taxes to the country who would have already charged me a bomb for the education there.
When my father gives me money to buy a painting for the house, he trusts that I would spend the money on a nice painting. If I get a bad painting, the next time he would go and get one himself, not tell me to buy.
We; at least I, have lost trust in the government I'm giving money to. But what do I do. I don't step into it, I keep paying. And I know the country is going to the dogs. But I am too scared to come forward and take something into my own hands.
I lack the courage. Because if someone does come forward, he will die in this vicious political circle. So it will probably need another few courageous people to save the country. I know I can't do it, unless I suddenly develop a will so strong that a miracle does happen.
This post is more of a confession. I today know that there are certain ties to me with my world, that will never let myself be carefree. And I believe that that is very necessary for someone to do something of such a stature.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Poetic Moods #1 Black River

Water rustling, we could hear;
the lights on the sides in the night, see;
A sight one would love to behold;
A river joining the Arabian Sea.

So we told the flat owner,
we wish to buy,
An apartment,
so beautiful as thy;

A golf course is coming up, Mr;
he told us with a smile;
What more could we ask for;
A beautiful view for a mile.

So we bought the house,
And came to stay;
And then,
to our utter dismay;

It was a drain;
the rustling sound;
The Black River they called it;
all around.

We called the flat owner and asked about;
the river and the sea;
He said "Don't worry Sir;
In ten years you will also have a Black Sea!"

Thursday, January 26, 2006

posts and comments... post comments

hey guys. when u post comments, please leave your names. It is pretty tough to keep guessing who is commenting on which post.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

eminem songs and cricket woes

Sometimes such incidents chill you out. OK. So I was keeping wickets while playing cricket at this ground in Juhu. The bowler was a lousy one. But one of the balls just bounced off the pitch (may be off a stone) and bang; it crashed into the batsman's spects. The spects broke and the guy went down. Now I didn't even know this guy. I rushed to him and asked if he was fine. But it was so chilling; I mean what if even a small piece of glass went into the eyes. The guy could have gone blind. Phew!
I was watching Eminem on VH1 one of these days and I never knew Eminem was a Micheal Jackson himself until I saw those yankees going mad outside Times Square. I just wonder what Eminem has in his songs. There is a lot of emotion. And then there is this frank confession to himself. He does not seem to have any pretence. I mean that guy could go to the Grammys and accept an award without so much as a glint on his face. I would not be able to do it. Amazing.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

cheese balls *jalapeno poppers* and broad shoulders

I was at a friend's party yesterday. One of my friends actually thought I had started gymming et al. He told me he could not recognise me at first glance (I meet this friend 5 days in a week). I supposedly have developed broad shoulders. Huh. None of the girls told me this. But still, I take it as a compliment; and keep hoping that it comes from a feminine mouth next.
Moving on from the broad shoulder episode, the highlight of the party was the CHEESE BALLS *jalapeno poppers*. I had more than fifteen. Yummy. The cheese oozed out just as I pricked the toothpick into it. We had a great time.
By the way, I actually went to the gym today!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

purani jeans

wow. You feel great when you talk to a person who you last met 6 years ago. It is exciting, to say the least. You start remembering things which were kept in an unknown corner of your mind which you never opened in those years. Hehh. I met a friend last year after 8 years; I met a friend today after 6 years. I hope to meet more of such feeling. Brings in a little bit of tickle in the stomach!

Friday, January 13, 2006

That inner feeling

I had only heard it but now I think it must be true. OK fine, I travelled on the 1st of January; it seems I will be travelling the whole year. Two days out of Kerala, I was in Lonavala; now with my family. It turned out to be a comedy of sorts. I was so excited to be on a vacation after a vacation; but somehow I just could not wait to return to Bombay again. Something funny was going on in my stomach. It was as if after Kerala, I was expecting those bunch of friends to be with me in Lonavala too.
And so driving on the Expressway as fast as I could (with all the nagging from the rear seat); I came to Bombay. Then I went for tutions where I was going to meet the Kerala bunch today after the trip (exclude Ajmera's bday please). Hah, so they were happy to see me. There were a lot of "Hey"s and "Lonavala and all, huh?"s from them. But then when I was finally settling down in the class, one of the assistants came and told me, "Listen, you have missed the first class, so it is better that you come tomorrow and attend that lecture instead of sitting for this lecture straight away." Hah. What was that all about? But I was at least happy; happy to see the Kerala bunch.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Down South

I don't know if I would have gotten close to so many people in the four years in college had I not gone to Kerala for the Industrial Visit (hehh.. that is what they called it). It was wonderful. I actually never knew that Kerala had hills too; I thought it was just beaches. But it would have been better if we were given more time on the beaches; I mean two hours was just not enough. Beedi, mingi, and a lot of other things; it was great.