Sunday, March 19, 2006

Highlights of the day - Saturday March 18 2006

- Munaf Patel bowled brilliantly

- Yuvraj Singh came to field at the third man boundary and the whole North Stand erupted in chants of KIM SHARMA, KIM SHARMA... Yuvi turned around and gestured to slap the crowd. Two minutes and the crowd started to chant SORRY, SORRY.. then came the surprise.. just as Yuvi turned to acknowledge the crowd, they chanted... @%#&!@ banaya, bada mazaa aaya.. It happens Yuvi..

- WE WANT SAURAV chants erupted as soon as Dravid dropped a catch

- The usual SACHIN SACHIN was on, but attempts to get the Mexican Wave started proved futile, with the East Stand refusing to cooperate

- All in all, a boring day's play, with neither the batsmen scoring at a quick rate, neither the wickets falling..

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

All the attention

It sometimes happens that you suddenly get so much attention that it seems unknown to you and you end up doing things people do not expect of you.

A person who has been in those unnoticed few ever since school, where he was neither too good nor too bad, for him to be known; if he is suddenly noticed and famed for a good thing of his or by chance of no one better being there with him..

Everyone starts talking about him, and then a few months down the line, you realise, is he really that good? And then your brain replies, "No, I mean he might be OK, but nothing that you have not seen before." And by then, you have raised that person to such a pedestal that bringing him to himself is a tough task.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sizzler woes??

I did this in probably the 9th standard, and it works even now..

Kya aap Yoko jaane ke liye tadapte hain, aur phir vahaan pahunch kar ek sizzler bhi nahi kha paate? Do you call the waiter half way through your sizzler to clear your platter? I have the answer. Siddhesh Mehra presents to you the 'Sizzler woes to wows', your best way to finish a Yoko sizzler... (I know its cheesy, but I wanted this para to be this way)

Now once you have got the sizzler of your choice in front of you, and once the sizzle has burnt your face with the smoke, you decide to pick up the fork and start with the fries. Do not tempt yourself to put the fork straight into your favourite food, chicken in my case. In fact keep it till the end. It is a sure way of getting through your sizzler. You eat the fries, and the other vegetables. Remember to eat onions and mushrooms later because they are the most likely to burn your tongue, if you haven't already. When your stomach says enough, you will end up with the chicken on your platter. Now obviously you cannot skip that. Thats what you came for. Remind yourself of the name of the sizzler 'Sizzling CHICKEN in *your choice* sauce'. And there you have a reason to eat all the chicken. And then probably your friends sitting next to you, who haven't read 'Sizzler woes to wows' will stare at you in admiration.

Hehh. I just love Yoko.