Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Of people

OK. So there are people who work in my house.

Instance 1: Pandeyji
Pandeyji has probably seen me for more time than I can remember. So whenever he enters the house, he greets me with the words Boss. Now, it's fine to call me Boss, but not when it sounds like Bose. Not as in the Bos(z)e audio systems, but the Subhash Chandra Bose types.
Imagine, everytime I see him, all I hear is "Bose", and it drives me crazy. So much for the patriot in me!

Instance 2: Manoj
Manoj is 18 years old. He's indispensable to me. So now, he was trying to decipher what the Laughing Buddha in my show case meant.
The following are his words:
"Ye to woh hi hain naa ji, woh bhagwan jinhone macchli pakad li thi. Yeh buddhu bhagwan hain na?"
God, I could not stop laughing when he made Buddha into Buddhu. Lord.