Sunday, February 18, 2007

Roger that!

You have these times when you are in front of legends. People who have written a part of history. And then you don't realize that thirty years down the line, when history is being read, you would be the lucky one to have come across it.
So today, I watched Roger Waters perform live 10 meters away from me. For the idiots, Waters is the major lyricist and composer of Pink Floyd, along with giving vocals and guitars in most songs.
The gig started with the usual Floyd antics; sparks running across the stage, exaggerated lighting, and beautiful music. Before we could realise, the classics started coming in. When songs go beyond the music, it is then that you really love them!
Then there were people, lots of them; Indians, Australians, Britishers, French, Hippies; cigarettes dangling from the mouths, some flaunting Bacardi bottles in their pockets, shouting out to random people about even random things; all part of a typical rock concert.
I had a wonderful time. With Guns n Roses last year and Roger Waters this year, I'm silently praying for Metallica next year!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Poetic Moods #4 The Arsenal

A rush hour!
A big game!
A bunch of stars!
Adorned with fame!

Some in their car!
Some by the train!
They come from far!
To chant the name!

We say welcome to the Emirates!
And we go a goal down!
We see you in that ecstatic state,
Oblivious to the oncoming frown!

So many times before!
Hadn't you already seen?
What we had in store!
Through what even the reds have just been!

One from Robin!
And the second from Henry!
Oh, what a win!
Another comeback to the Arsenal gallantry!

The thunderous roar!
The walk back!
The voices into the air soar!
Now it is time to relax!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Poetic Moods #3 Distress

This is for Manmeet. I wrote this in the flight thinking of you.

I shook in mid air,
with just a head rest to stare,
for the other I didn't care;
and I waited!

There were only clouds outside,
the one beside me cried,
I was on an adventurous ride;
so I waited!

A voice over the speaker came,
all the consolation was now lame,
I had never experienced the same,
but I waited!

Something from the top fell,
and I felt my head swell,
all the sweat that I could smell;
I waited!

A little orange and a lot of pink,
and still the sun would not sink,
I had no heart to think;
hence I waited!

With a thud it was all over,
a smooth path for us to hover,
never was I to be so sober;
and the wait ended!