Friday, June 16, 2006


So I am finally leaving day after. After months of planning, I still do not know my itinerary yet. We will see. All I know is that I am really excited that I'm going, all alone. It's going to be loads of fun. Would love to keep posting from there if I get a chance.

Ah. But I will miss Mumbai. Just the other day my friends were asking me why I was going for so long, and I was all like, I'll have a real good time; but now that I'm on the verge of going, I have already started missing Bombay. How will I be away for so long. We will see!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Arjun Singh 6/6/6

A caricature by me of the man himself.

"Walking on crutches, and making India do so too."

ANA Company

OK. So it was my first trip abroad. It was 1998. I was travelling to Zambia with my sister to visit my aunt.
Now, Zambia is a country which grants visas on arrival. So it was a much unplanned decision that I may go. We booked my ticket and went to the airport. There was a hitch with the airline, and so we went to the Airport Manager at Mumbai airport. Every two minutes, he kept explaining to us (in his South Indian aiee-aiee-o accent) that we needed to get an ANA company form for me to travel. It was weird. We had never heard of any company with that name, leave aside relating to travel. Further more, I had never travelled abroad before and knew nothing about any such form.
After racking our brains, we understood what the manager was actually talking about. Surprise, surprise, he was explaining to us that we needed to have signed the Unaccompanied Minor form, or I would be travelling at my own. Huh. So much for a UM form.
At the end, I ended up travelling without one; my sister travelling as a UM.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

of brazilian samba on punjabi songs

It is a phase, it seems. Just today I read about Isha Koppikar and Shahrukh Khan being obsessed with the PlayStation 2, when I thought to myself; ain't I too?

To be honest, I have been playing around 2-3 hours of PS2 everyday since we bought it, even when my exams are going on.

It is funny; Harwani betting on winning a game (laugh), Manmeet dancing on the Punjabi song which plays in the game menu, Tanay's tactical genius, Panno challenging everyone and then losing, Shreya and Taha passing wild-ass comments, and each partner of Manmeet shouting at him for his solo dribbling gameplay; it is sure funny.

It is a mania. Dunno how long it will last, but when we could buy the PS2 just for playing FIFA on it, I'm sure it would last long!