Saturday, December 30, 2006

Turn ons

I was just thinking what kind of things can impress people:
In the 4th standard, girls thought I was too cute.
In the 6th standard, a girl loved the speed with which I typed (So much for being a computer addict)
In the 7th standard, a girl liked me because I was good at Maths
In the 8th standard, a girl liked me because I irritated the hell outta her.
In the 10th standard, a girl liked me because I kicked her out of something I was handling.
In the 11th standard, a girl liked me because I had nothing against anyone.
Enough! I'll come to the later years a few years later.

Friday, December 29, 2006

World Press Photo

Now I'm not much into all this, but I got to know from a friend that there was a photography exhibition in Nariman Point. A curious interest in photography and nothing else to do drove me to the Express Towers, where the World Press Photo Exhibition was put up.
The photos were, as expected, beautiful. Now the exhibition had been put up in two separate rooms; and to no surprise, one of them was filled with only tragic pictures: of a girl being stabbed in the face, of earthquake and hurricane victims, of gang violence, and of famished children. So much for the state of the world today!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Its amazing how you, can speak right .. Aargh...
Its amazing how one win can make you forget all the losses of the near past.
With Team India looking more like Tame India in the one day series, the test series has taken a great turn.. what with India scoring their first in SA.
There were moments in the match which you just cannot forget for a long time..
Day 1 - Glimpses of Sachin; Dada is back, and back with a bang!
Day 2 - Shreesanth and Zaheer, God!
Day 3 - The return of the VVS; Shreesanth does a number!
Day 4 - Old Lord Kumble strikes the blows! Blood.. aargh.. Beer bath! You thought they would spare you, Dhoni?
Day 5 - Victory is a day old!