Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The dream

Now just the other day, I was discussing dreams with my friends, while cursing myself for not remembering them. They gave me vivid descriptions of their dreamy escapades. So, today, to my surprise, when I woke up, I realised what I was dreaming. Now c'mon, that was an experience for me. So, here it is.

#include fantasyland.h
Now, a senior of mine had shifted to Australia while we were still in school. So now, probably a couple of years later, I meet a girl outside who I faintly recognize as that senior's sister. She's getting some land dug in an open ground in front of school. When I go to enquire out of curiosity, I learn that she's a telecommunications engineering student and she was doing a project on telecomm in India. So she was trying to get to the MTNL lines.
/*Pause. Some days later. */
I meet the same girl again, getting the same digging done, but now right in front of my building. I say hi to her once again, and get talking. Turns out we share a nice rapport. I give her my contact number, and we go around Bombay for a couple of days. We start liking each other, and the day before she's leaving for Australia, she comes to my place. We are in the elevator, and I tell her I like her. She smiles. I hug her. She does not refuse, but she does not respond.
/*Pause. Next day.*/
Next day, she does not call before leaving. I cannot contact her because she does not have a cell.
Some days later, she calls from Australia. I complain about not meeting her when she left, and she says she felt awkward right after the hug. But that, to make up, she was sending me a gift.
Suddenly, I see myself holding an album. Pictures of mine and hers', with apt captions and messages.
/*I get a phone call. My dream ends.*/
end dream

Now, now, before someone asks; I can't remember who the girl was, neither who the senior was. The telecomm engineer in me appeared in the dream. And then, the photo album must have been because I was searching for pictures to put up on Facebook yesterday. Dream analysis ends here. It was a nice little dream. But probably even a little influenced by the James Bond flicks I've been watching rather religiously for the past few days.