Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Viruddh Gandhi

This one wouldn't have come, but for the incessant abuses Manmeet hurled at me whenever I met him; in person or online. This one's for the aviator.

I'm not convinced Gandhi was Mahatma. It is probably because I've not read enough about the man to deem him Mahatma. He was a good man, powerful rather. There had to be something about a man who could single-handedly influence the second-most populous nation in the world. The aura, of men of that stature, people like Gandhi, Hitler, Luther King; is irresistible. These men inspire me, although none were Mahatmas.
Why this article? Well, I saw Gandhi, my father. Whatever the Times of India or other newspapers thought, I believe the movie was brilliant. From the depiction of a stubborn Gandhi, always knowing the right, a soft father, longing for the love of his son; to the wonderful portrayal of Hari Gandhi, the wasted son of a celebrated father: the emotional relationship is beautifully played.
I had expectations from this movie the first time I heard about it at the IIFA awards. Fresh from watching the Aviator, I almost hoped for a Scorsese-style biography. What I got was different from Scorsese; but was equally brilliant. It is small things I like about direction; the shower scene in South Africa, staying away from the infamous train incident in SA, not indulging into much outside Gandhi's family, images of Akshay Khanna as a Satyagrahi in the later parts of the movie.
It is rather rare that I feel this kind of fervor after watching a movie. The last time I felt it was after The Departed. Rang De Basanti before that. I say Anil Kapoor chose an apt movie to start his production career. Nice.