Monday, June 28, 2010

From home to work

I skip down four flights of stairs to get out into the sun.

I walk to the train station with a hundred other people heading in the same direction.

I get into the train, which reminds me of the Bombay Local.

There are people holding on to the handrails, doors, whatever else they can find, and other hold-able objects. Still, almost half of the train is reading a book, either physically or on one from the Kindle or the iPad. The other half is listening to music.

Once at the station, I speed-walk past everyone else, and there are others who speed-walk past me. It's the morning exercise.

Sometimes, I hear a little music on the station, good music.

I get on to the next train which is usually a little emptier. It is now that I take out the book I am to read.

I get through 10 pages and I'm ready to get out of the train.

I walk past the security guys, the badge-in machines and get into one of the 8 elevators.

I pick up cereal, a banana, sometimes a toast or bagel, and coffee and head up to the 23rd.

Thus my day starts.