Sunday, October 01, 2006

Pest Control

If you were wondering why I was quiet for so many days, it might have been because of the increasing number of unloved living beings in my bathroom. There have been spiders, cockroaches, mosquitos, and insects which I couldn't identify. So they kept me busy.
First I tried using Baygon cockroach spray. Next day, I found only two in the bathroom. Encouraged, I tried the same spray in the air to get rid of the unidentifiable insects. Next day, I found more of them; and thought to myself; maybe the cockroach pesticide wasnt working for them. I could only think of them being like mosquitos, and so I put a Good Night mosquito repellant in the bathroom for the night. No effect. Then, I sprayed Hit Mosquito Spray all over the bathroom, and voila, most of them were gone. Another night of Hit got rid of them.
If this sounds like an insect repellant test; it may just have been it. Practical testing of three prominent brands in the market.
Best buy: Hit Mosquito Spray (Only Rs. 63/-)