Monday, January 28, 2008

Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai

Yesterday, I went to the IIT for Techfest's night event, Laser Floyd.
Now, the last word in the last sentence is enough to draw me, and maybe a couple of more people to the event. So, there it was, a Laser Show from some group from America with Floyd's The Wall playing in the background.
Let me be frank. The laser show was not something brilliant. I think I saw the same kind of thing at our college fest two years back, maybe on a little smaller scale. And just to praise my college a tad bit more, I think the idea of having a live band in Vayu perform along with the laser show was much more exciting.
Anyways, what I loved about the show was the crowd. I would so wish that kind of a crowd present for an event I organize. Even before the show started, the mexican waves had begun. After a couple of rounds of hand-raising fun, there was the flashing of mobiles. It so reminded me of everyone holding a candle during Scorpions' Wind of Change performance; I did not imagine cell phones could be so visible from 25 mtrs.
All right; people who had not heard any song from the album came just because they thought it cool to attend something to do with Floyd, but the spirit of the crowd was enough to make you want to go to that place year after year. Imagine an open air theatre, filled with almost 6000 people, all waving their mobile phones in the air. Pretty decent.
It's things like these that make me even more fond of the IIT; forget the education bit, it's the IIT experience that's the real thing.