Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The India of hope

There is the India of the old, the mighty;
the India of gold, and the villages; 
the castes, and the rich; 
of temples, and the looting.

The India on fire, and of resolve;
of non-cooperation and violence;
of unity and partition;
of love, and oppression.

The India of war, and of progress;
of math, and of disease;
of songs and of mourning;
of freedom and of terror.

There is the India of celebration;
of pollution and festival;
the India of the internet, and lack of water;
of the cities, and of potholes.

The India of organization, of confusion;
of economics and corruption;
of reservation, and secularism;
the India of fear, and free speech.

There is the India of hope.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

super! But did you mean " where is the India of hope?" Instead of the last line?

Because that's the question running my mind these days.