Sunday, June 19, 2011

City, matters.

June 6, official or not (I'm unsure), is a date etched in my mind as the start of monsoons in Bombay. I share a love-hate relationship with the rains there. Five years back, I hated the rains; but since, I absolutely love them.

Rains for me meant getting out of the building extremely armed, with a wind-cheater (I don't really know how that's spelt) and an umbrella, but both in the bag. It was about getting drenched. It was about making that run from college to Shot Club, and then trying to dry out the skin between the thumb and the forefinger so that I could cue. It was about going to Dhiraj for the coffee. It was about morning drives to the beach, and trying to park an enormous Innova in the by-lanes of Juhu. It was about avoiding the puddles on the ground while trying to kick the football.

It was about cursing the rain, while ever so loving it.

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